One Princess and a Coupla Queens

5/8/2007 12:43 PM PDT

One Princess and a Coupla Queens

It was a full-on reality show episode yesterday at Pinkberry in West Hollywood ... when Paris Hilton ran into train wrecks Janice Dickinson and Bobby Trendy.

While Paris is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, it appears that the makeup-free Janice may have been giving her some grandmotherly advice -- hang in there bubie, look at me, I'm a survivah too, hon! We're not sure if Janice said "Mine's melting," or "I'm melting!"

Sob-sistah Bobby appeared to give the convicted socialite some tips on how she can still be glamorous in an orange jumpsuit. Lip gloss, baby! And bunk sheets might make a fabulous wrap dress!

The girls had their frozen treat, and Paris had some too.