Priscilla's Doc BS'd Star after Star

3/25/2008 3:43 PM PDT

Priscilla's Doc BS'd Star after Star

The phony doc who injected Priscilla Presley with industrial-grade silicone used to lubricate auto parts had a scam that proved irresistible to Hollywood's elite.

Someone who got injected by Daniel Serrano spoke with TMZ about getting lured in. Serrano, who was a doctor in Argentina but unlicensed in the U.S., told patients the serum, which he claimed would remove wrinkles, was much better than Botox -- an all-natural drug he said was used by all the top models in Paris. Serrano told his victims they could not get the drug in the U.S. The patient we spoke with said that made all the women go crazy, thinking they were getting something special, and they were -- a lube job.

Serrano was a major name dropper. We're not sure if he really injected all the women he claims, but trust us, there were a lot. The patient we spoke with says she was injected with a needle that was just sitting on a table, unprotected. He didn't clean the needle or clean her face before injecting it.

The injections were "extremely painful." Serrano said there would be no swelling. The patient we spoke with says she blew up like a balloon, and when the swelling finally went down, the drug didn't eliminate lines.

And get this. With Shawn King, Larry's wife, Diane Richie, Lionel's wife at the time, and other famous women, you would think this would be a sign -- he only accepted cash. One woman had to go to the bank because he wouldn't take her personal check. Trust us, that woman had enough in her account to cover it.