Bon Jovi Sued for Giving Lyrics a Bad Name

10/11/2008 2:00 PM PDT

Bon Jovi Sued for Giving Lyrics A Bad Name

Jon Bon Jovi is being sued for 400 bil -- yes, billion -- bucks by a Boston musician who says Jovi allegedly borrowed lyrics from his Boston Red Sox anthem entitled, "(Man I Really) Love This Team."

Samuel Bartley Steele, the front man for a band calling themselves "The Chelsea City Council," believes Bon Jovi heard his song while campaigning in Boston for John Kerry in '04, then used the lyrics in his own song entitled, "I Love This Town."

Regardless of the result, Steele really is livin' on a prayer if he thinks he's going to get that amount of cash.

A Bon Jovi spokesperson says they haven't seen the lawsuit yet.