"A.I." Contestant Ordered to SCRAM

1/15/2009 10:47 AM PST

"A.I." Contestant Ordered to SCRAM

If "American Idol" wannabe Emily Wynne-Hughes manages to stick around for a while, you might get to see the first contestant perform with an alcohol monitoring bracelet!

Turns out Emily -- the same tattooed chick who can't seem to keep her pants on -- is smack in the middle of a DUI fiasco, and she has been ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet.

The whole thing is over an arrest back in July, where cops busted her for allegedly driving drunk in West Hollywood. Emily copped a plea to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

In addition to the bracelet, Emily was placed on 3 years probation.

We've learned there may be another hearing and the judge could back down on the SCRAM bracelet -- but for now the order stands.