Old Person vs. Old Network: Lady Sues VH1

3/14/2009 10:10 AM PDT

Old Person vs. Old Network: Lady Sues VH1

You know you've got a bad show on your hands when people are suing you for putting you in it.

VH1 is being sued by Anne McCourt -- an old lady who lives in Los Angeles -- for defamation after the network aired footage of her in 2007 trashing Paris Hilton on "Celebrity Eye Candy."

According to court documents, McCourt was walking her dog when she stumbled upon a group of cameramen waiting on the street for Paris Hilton. As old people usually do, she approached them to ask what they were doing. When asked about the starlet, McCourt flew into a tirade, saying, "I think she's an ass...I think she's ugly. And I think she's a disgusting human being..."

Problem is, the 81-year-old McCourt apparently didn't know she was was being filmed ... apparently unaware what cameramen actually do for a living. Additionally, McCourt claims that the footage was edited to make it sound as if she had "exposed her private parts" in a way similar to Hilton. Thanks for that, VH1.

The real tragedy here is that Paris is still, according to McCourt, a "disgusting human being"... and she can't sue anyone for it.