Anna Nicole Judge -- Defendant in Greed Suit

6/17/2009 12:34 PM PDT

Anna Nicole Judge -- Defendant in Greed Suit

The judge who cried a river during the hearing over Anna Nicole Smith's burial is now being sued for allegedly swindling an old lady.

83-year-old Barbara Kasler just filed suit, claiming Judge Larry Seidlin -- one of her neighbors -- took advantage of her poor health for his family's personal gain. Seidlin was cleared in a criminal elder abuse investigation but now the old lady is mounting a civil attack.

Among the allegations:

-- Seidlin's wife Belinda talked Kasler into selling the Seidlins a $600,000 condo for half the price.

-- Belinda convinced Kasler to sell her a parcel of land worth $50,000 for only 10 bucks.

-- Kasler wrote the Seidlins over $500,000 worth of checks, including $130,000 to help pay off their mortgage, $100,000 to buy a new house in Pennsylvania and $54,260 for their daughter's tuition.

The lawsuit claims Seidlin was licking his chops after finding out the old lady was loaded. The good judge has denied all the allegations.