Lil Wayne -- Arresting Cops were Dirty Dogs

6/23/2009 4:10 PM PDT

Lil Wayne -- Arresting Cops were Dirty Dogs

Lil Wayne's lawyer went to court today ... ready to pull the trigger on the "bad dog" defense!

Weezy was busted in January 2008 at a border checkpoint in Arizona, where authorities found cocaine, ecstasy and a handgun on his tour bus. Wayne's lawyer told the judge he thinks the drug-sniffing dogs used in the bust may not have been reliable because they weren't adequately trained.

Why, you ask, does that matter? Well Mr. Wayne's lawyer seems to think if the dogs weren't reliable, the resulting search was illegal and the drugs shouldn't be used as evidence. Tough argument -- the dogs found coke.

The judge has yet to rule on whether Wayne's lawyer can probe into how the dogs were trained.