Heroin at Jackson's House -- Not So Fast

8/27/2009 7:00 PM PDT

Heroin at Jackson's House -- Not So Fast

UPDATE: A source connected with the case tells TMZ the "tar heroin" was tested -- and the results showed it was not heroin of any kind. This is not reflected in the warrant.

A search warrant affidavit just released from the search of Michael Jackson's home says the Jackson family notified L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter that they found "tar heroin in a bag" in Jackson's bedroom. Chief Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.

The search also turned up two baggies of "marijuana."

Cops also found Benoquin in the master bathroom. Benoquin is a bleaching cream.

The affidavit also says surveillance cameras at Jackson's home captured Dr. Conrad Murray arriving at 1:00 AM the day Jackson died.

As for what else was found during the search -- an empty bottle of Lorazepam, an empty bottle of Diazepam, a baggy with the medical label with the name Dr. Conrad Murray, 2 cigarette packs, 1 cigarette paper, 4 pill bottles and 1 shaving case.

Detective Orlando Martinez wrote, "Conversations with family members lead me to believe that there may be additional medications and/or narcotics at the location as well as the necessity to confiscate these items for the safety of the minor children."

Story developing...