Alleged Extortionist Tried to Cash $2 Mil Check

10/2/2009 1:03 PM PDT

Alleged Extortionist Tried to Cash $2 Mil Check

The Manhattan DA's press conference over David Letterman's extortion case just ended -- and revealed Robert "Joe" Halderman was busted after he tried depositing his $2 million check. Which raises the question ... who takes a check?

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said three meetings were held between Halderman and Letterman's lawyers at the Essex House -- Dave was not present -- and at the 3rd meeting, the check was turned over to Halderman.

Morgenthau says Letterman's lawyer wore a wire -- and the last two meetings were audio taped.

Halderman deposited the check -- which was designed to bounce -- the next morning, yesterday, and was then arrested.