Brooke Shields Survives Minor Plane Crash

10/6/2009 10:53 AM PDT

Brooke Shields Survives Minor Plane Crash

Brooke Shields and Jim Belushi survived a minor plane crash at the famous Hearst Castle a few days ago ... once again proving Brooke Shields is nothing short of a real life Zelig.

It all went down on Friday at the private landing strip on the Hearst Castle estate -- San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ Shields and Belushi were being flown to an event at the castle.

The Cessna prop plane landed safely ... but here's the problem -- the pilot forgot to set the parking brake after the plane came to a stop. He was in the back helping Brooke and Jim out ... when the plane rolled into a 2010 Buick SUV. The wing struck the SUV ... but the SUV got the worst of it.

We're told no one was injured, but the NTSB was notified.

This is the 4th time -- that we know of -- that Brooke has landed in the middle of a celebrity news event.

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If you're a celebrity ... and come within eye-sight of Brooke Shields ... run!