Lindsay's Troubles -- She Ditches Class

10/16/2009 10:28 AM PDT

Lindsay's Troubles -- She Ditches Class

We've gotten to the bottom of why Lindsay Lohan is getting hauled back into court, and this video will be Exhibit A today when her lawyer tries to convince the judge that Lindsay will improve her attendance record at her alcohol ed course.

As we first reported, the Right On Programs -- which Lindsay was ordered to attend as part of her DUI probation -- notified the judge that Lindsay was not satisfying the requirements of the program. Now we have details.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay had gotten a leave of absence from the course a while back so she could leave the state and work. Time passed and Lindsay never got back in touch with the program so officials there contacted the judge.

This video -- shot yesterday afternoon -- shows Lindsay going back to school. She only has about 6 weeks more to finish the course and it's unlikely the judge will violate her probation, assuming Her Honor believes LiLo is sincere when she appears in court this AM.

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