Coroner: Corey Haim's Mom Flushed His Drugs

5/4/2010 6:11 PM PDT

Coroner: Corey Haim's Mom Flushed His Drugs

Corey Haim's mother told officials she flushed Corey's entire prescription drug stash down the toilet in the hours after his death because she didn't want them in the wrong hands -- and she didn't know cops would be investigating the scene, this according to a newly released autopsy report.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office just released new documents, Haim's mom stated that when she returned from the hospital, "she emptied the other bottles into the toilet because she didn't want anyone else to get hold of the medication and she didn't know the police would be responding to her residence."

According to the report, Haim's mom flushed 7 pills of the muscle relaxer carisoprodol after he died.

Haim's mom also told officials he may have used marijuana at some point in the last 2 days before his death.