Ramones Drummer -- Hey! Ho! Where's My Dough?

6/23/2010 4:03 AM PDT

Ramones Drummer -- Hey! Ho! Where's My Dough?

Marky Ramone -- the Ramones' longest-standing drummer -- claims he's getting screwed out his cut of the band's royalties ... and now he's trying to legally beat on the brats responsible ... with a big fat lawsuit.

According to docs filed yesterday in New York Supreme Court, Marky (real name Marc Bell) claims he inked a royalties deal in 2005 -- but in 2008, the payouts mysteriously stopped ... and it's all because of some allegedly shady business dealings.

Marky claims the people in charge of distributing royalties completely snubbed their 2005 contract -- pocketing huge cuts of Ramones money that didn't belong to them ... shafting Marky in the process.

The punk legend claims he's owed a $175,000 slice of Ramones pie -- plus over $1 million in punitive damages.