This Is What It Sounds Like When Prince Pays His Bill

9/17/2010 6:00 AM PDT

Prince Settles Lawsuit with L.A. Attorney

Dig if you will the picture ... of Prince paying off his legal debt to a high-powered, Los Angeles attorney. Sorry, it's not as sexy as anything in "Purple Rain."

As we first reported, Prince was sued back in August by Ed McPherson for allegedly not paying McPherson for his legal services. According to the suit, his legal bill was $49,987.74.

Earlier this week, McPherson filed docs to dismiss the case -- we're told because Prince finally paid his tab.

When called for comment Prince said, "I never meant to cause Ed McPherson any sorrow. I never meant to cause him any pain. I only one time wanted to see him laughing. I only wanted to see him laughing in the purple rain."