Kim Kardashian's New BF in Mercedes Smash Up

12/1/2010 11:40 AM PST

Kim Kardashian's New BF Gabriel Aubry in Mercedes Smash Up

Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was involved in a pretty nasty car crash yesterday -- one that left the front of his Mercedes all smashed up.

Cameras caught Aubry outside The Grove in L.A. -- moving stuff out of his banged up ride and into a waiting Lexus that came to pick him up.

It's unclear how the accident occurred -- but judging by the way Aubry was moving around after the wreck ... it appears he wasn't injured.

UPDATE: Now there's a Halle Berry connection.

There was word that the person who picked up Aubry was Berry's assistant -- but in the footage, we never see the person in the driver's seat.

Now, there's more proof ... we've found some recent photos showing Berry -- Aubry's baby mama -- riding in the exact same Lexus that swooped up Aubry.

As for Aubry's current GF Kim K. -- she was in NYC yesterday. Apparently, her assistant doesn't do car service.