Scarred 'Idol' Contestant -- Drunk Driving Victim

2/12/2011 7:35 AM PST

Scarred 'Idol' Contestant -- Drunk Driving Victim

Stefano Langone -- the "American Idol" contestant who showed his massive scars -- was the victim of a drunk driving accident in 2009 ... and TMZ has learned, he's suing the culprit.

According to the lawsuit -- filed in April last year -- Jacob Sheppard collided with Stefano's car in King County, Washington.

Sheppard admitted to drinking beers and doing shots before the accident -- which left Stefano with two broken arms, a fractured pelvis, and other serious injuries. Sheppard was charged with two counts of vehicular assault and served more than a year behind bars.

Stefano's lawsuit is ongoing.