TMZ Live: What Really Happened at the 'Idol' House?

3/24/2011 4:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: What Really Happened at the 'Idol' House?

The real reason the "American Idol" contestants fled their L.A. mansion ... And, will Chris Brown's public apology for his "GMA" tirade lead to legal problems for him?

Plus, why Dame Elizabeth Taylor's family buried her so quickly after her death. These answers and 27 more on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:10) Are Mel Gibson and Oksana still fighting over custody of Lucia?
(1:05) Even though the Westboro Baptist Church folk are terrible people with hateful views ... Harvey still believes in their right to free speech.
(3:00) Liz Taylor won't be buried next her parents -- instead, she'll be by Michael Jackson.
(4:30) Harvey's favorite past time -- throwing pens.
(6:30) Our producer David "The Cajun" is an incredible guy with an equally incredible story.
(8:30) Skype question from Texas -- what pranks have been pulled at TMZ?
(12:40) Twitter time! Questions about Elizabeth Taylor, and the staff's growing ego.
(15:20) The new confessional camera ... Shevonne breaks it in.
(16:55) Harvey is NOT retiring ... it was a JOKE, people.
(22:30) Is there a rule about guys being clean shaven at TMZ? Hell no ... and we show you the beards to prove it.
(26:20) Will Chris Brown take up GMA's offer to have him back on the show?
(28:20) More Twitter: Will the jewelry store owners testify in the Lohan case? And who will get locked up first ... Lindsay or her father?