TMZ Live -- Jwoww as Victoria Gotti?!?

4/7/2011 3:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Jwoww as Victoria Gotti?!?

Could Jwoww beat out Lindsay Lohan to play John Gotti's daughter, Victoria, in the upcoming biopic about The Dapper Don's life? Plus, what really went down during the early morning arrest of Lebron James' mom ... and how "King James" is handling the situation.

These answers and 20 more in today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Depressing banter to start the show.
(1:00) Charles and Jason work out a confusing question.
(3:22) "Skins" sponsors are dropping off like they did for "Jersey Shore".
(3:00) Jason defends our court system ... and is rewarded with a slow clap.
(4:30) A smart viewer sheds light on the Richard Hatch case.
(7:00) If the valet sues LeBron James mom over the alleged attack ... he probably won't make much money if he wins.
(10:00) The Red Sox are sucking so far this season ... which makes Charles happy.
(11:00) Jason begrudgingly says he loved the TMZ Bus Tour ... which is gonna be AWESOME, by the way.
(17:00) Emmet gets more crap for no reason.
(19:00) The best day of our lives?
(23:10) Do we take each other out of context on the TV show? Max gets fired up about this one.
(26:30) Will Max live through the season? Of course, because he's "invincible."
(27:30) Everyone is sick at the office ... so Mike dances around and sits in peoples desks.