TMZ Live: The Head Shave Bet -- It's Shear Reality

4/15/2011 2:25 PM PDT

TMZ Live: The Head Shave Bet -- It's Shear Reality

The hair on Harvey's assistant's head is as good as gone! On Monday's TMZ Live, Tyler pays the piper -- or, in this case the barber -- for losing his MLB bet to Charles. Tune in at 1:30 PM, PT to see what all the BUZZ is about as we shave Tyler's head! It's really happening, folks ...

Oh, and we answered 20 questions for you on today's TMZ Live!

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(1:00) And we're off -- is it possible Lindsay's charge will be downgraded to a misdemeanor?
(3:00) The haircut bet! Since the Yankees beat the Orioles last night, Tyler has to shave his head. Charles is beyond happy he won't lose a lock from his dreds.
(5:40) We'll shave Tyler's head on Monday's TMZ Live! Give us your suggestions for his new 'do -- just follow Harvey on Twitter -- @harveylevintmz -- and then tweet us your ideas. Include #tmz and #prettyboysgonebald in the tweets so we can easily locate them!!! 
(7:00) We read some of your haircut ideas from Twitter -- and show some Photoshop magic.
(10:00) Should Brooke Mueller be put under a conservatorship?
(12:00) Dax's Twitter secrets.
(13:30) Harvey and Jason break down the Kobe Bryant incident.
(17:20) The TMZ Bus Tour -- it will be ever-evolving!
(21:00) Twitter questions! Is it good or bad if jurors are TMZ fans? Where do ducks in Central Park go during the winter?
(25:05) Breaking news -- Brooke Mueller is due for a drug test today.