Nic Cage's Cabbie -- I Didn't Blow The Whistle!!!

4/18/2011 3:20 PM PDT

Nicolas Cage's Cabbie -- I Didn't Blow The Whistle!!!

The cabbie who attempted to drive Nic Cage away from the scene of an alleged domestic violence incident this weekend is adamant he DID NOT call the cops on the actor and swears he never saw Cage commit any kind of abuse.

One day after the incident, cabbie David Chryssovergis went back to the spot where Cage was arrested and gave a photog his account of the incident.

Chryssovergis says the drama began when Cage banged on his window and demanded to be whisked away from the area stat ... but two cops happened to be in the area and flashed their lights -- instructing Cage to get out of the cab.

Chryssovergis insists he DID NOT call police -- and says he, "never saw Nic hit his wife whatsoever."

Chryssovergis also wouldn't say if Cage was drunk that night ... but confessed, "It was a Friday night in New Orleans ... I think we all have a few drinks on Friday night."