TMZ Live: Trump's Backpedal, Admission of Blunder?

4/28/2011 11:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Trump's Backpedal, Admission of Blunder?

The motivation behind Donald Trump's attempt to inch back from his comments on President Obama's grades ... Plus, the most pointless college majors.

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(0:00) It's on! We start off by talking about the biggest story of the day -- Donald Trump being called a racist after his comments about President Obama.
(3:05) Jason breaks down copyright laws.
(5:30) How one basketball fan won big time ... and lost big time ... at the same time.
(10:19) Breaking down Trump's supposed run for the White House.
(12:30) Webcam question -- is it hard for TMZ staffers to balance work and personal life?
(16:00) The Atlanta Braves pitching coach who hurled homophobic remarks at fans -- was his apology sincere?
(18:20) Charles knocks a question ... then learns something from it.
(20:00) What's the most pointless major? We ask Emmet, Gary, and Ryan ... who are all smart asses about it.
(27:02) With the long hours we work ... how does Harvey stay so tan?
(29:40) An Ex-Miss USA accuses TSA of molesting her.
(32:01) What's the hardest part of law school?
(33:00) Charles took a pic with fans at a Prince concert ... which brings up controversy!