TMZ Live -- What's a Fair Price for Herpes?

5/13/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- What's a Fair Price for Herpes?

Why both sides in the mystery celeb herpes case may want a quick end to the lawsuit ... and, what's a fair price to make that happen ... Plus, at what point does CPR become necrophilia -- we're just askin' ... and Dan Aykroyd calls in with the upside of getting ripped off.

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(0:00) New developments in the A-list celebrity herpes lawsuit -- the celeb is trying to work out a deal to keep it quiet!
(3:10) 1, 2, 3, 4 ... Harvey and Jason declare a legal war! Who will emerge victorious?
(9:00) Ashton takes Charlie's place on "Two and a Half Men" -- is it gonna work?
(12:02) Dan Aykroyd is on the phone! He starts off by talking about ghosts, Canadians ... and Dax.
(15:30) Dan gives us all the details on the theft of 21,000 bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka.
(17:20) Why it's a GOOD THING Dan's vodka was stolen.
(22:35) Will Smith's RIDICULOUS trailer, gay marriage & medical marijuana legalization, and vegetarian tips.
(24:40) Webcam question -- Hannah from Michigan wants to know about the woman who gives her young daughter BOTOX injections.
(27:10) Jason ruins a story we haven't published yet ... awwwwkward.
(32:10) The creepiest question we've been asked in a while. Hint: It involves necrophilia.