TMZ Live -- Why Arnold Finally Spilled the Secret

5/17/2011 1:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Why Arnold Finally Spilled the Secret

What forced Arnold Schwarzenegger to drop the love child bombshell on Maria and the kids ... plus, we're kinda startin' to notice the boss loves talking about porn...

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(0:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to having an illegitimate child ... and Harvey knows why it's finally coming out now.
(4:40) Kelsey Grammer amps up his custody battle with Camille.
(6:00) Our "Caption This" contest -- the unveiling of the winner gets derailed multiple times.
(9:00) FINALLY -- the runners up ... and we crown a winner. We apologize for Tyler's terrible delivery.
(15:15) Charlie Sheen borrowed $10 mil from Warner Bros! Mike has all the details.
(21:30) Botox Mom vs. Octomom -- who's worse?
(26:09) Breaking news -- Harvey is weening off of Ambien.
(33:00) There's a witness who saw M-Bone's murder go down -- Evan takes this one.
(38:30) Prostitution, the Internet, and the First Amendment.
(42:15) Avert your eyes -- Danielle Staub strips. No seriously ... AVERT YOUR EYES!
(44:30) We interrupt Dax's live shot ... he's NOT happy ... but man, it's funny. Sorry, Dax.