Ex-KISS Guitarist No Punishment for Dog Corpses

5/24/2011 2:00 AM PDT

Ex-KISS Guitarist -- No Punishment for Dog Corpses

Former KISS guitarist Vincent Cusano will NOT face animal cruelty charges after officials found 4 dead dogs at the rocker's home in Tennessee this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Pet Adoption Welfare Services (PAWS) tells TMZ ... Vinnie had kept all 4 animals in above-ground plastic storage bins, clearly marked as graves ... with little memorials written on them -- and even though it's really creepy ... it ain't illegal.

TMZ broke the story ... Vinnie was arrested for allegedly beating the crap out of his wife ... and while cops were at the home, they noticed the dead animals and called PAWS to investigate.

Vinnie's wife explained the dogs had been killed by ANOTHER one of the family's 9 still-living dogs. PAWS tells us they will test all of the living pets for rabies vaccinations.