TMZ Live -- LiLo's Loophole ... Alcohol Allowed!

6/23/2011 12:45 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- LiLo's Loophole ... Alcohol Allowed!

Today, Harvey and Charles talked about Lindsay's house arrest stipulations, and according to Mike, the original rules never said she couldn't drink. Fair? Well you didn't think so.

And, Audrina Patridge is definitely a 10, but do guys get bored with good looks alone? You gotta hear Shevonne's answer!

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(0:00) Big news: Lindsay wins big in court, Chris Brown goes off on TMZ, Joe Francis vouches for celeb gambling, & celebs make a killing at private parties.
(3:00) Everyone thought Lindsay was headed to county jail -- but turns out it was a big misunderstanding. How'd this happen?
(5:02) Lindsay's probation report -- Mike has the juicy details.
(15:45) CB uses a homophobic slur ... then plays the victim. Seriously?
(17:50) CB's latest Twitter rant -- as read by the talented Nina.
(24:05) TMZ viewers show CB no mercy.
(29:00) Joe Francis -- of all people -- offers some interesting legal insight on the celeb gambling scandal.
(40:20) Flo Rida plays a Bar Mitzvah -- is it selling out ... or just good business?
(42:10) Celebs make SERIOUS BANK at private parties -- you won't believe some of these figures. WHY???
(45:05) Audrina Patridge is SO HOT -- but does she have anything else to offer? 
(46:00) How long could you stay with a 10 if she's boring. Max has an answer.
(48:00) Shevonne chimes in -- and says guy would stay with a boring 10 ... until she got ugly.