8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Slash Endures a Smelly Flightmare

Guitar legend Slash took a flight from hell -- courtesy of backed up toilets ... forcing an emergency pit stop. So ... time to share airplane horror stories! Plus, Charlie and Brooke LOOK like model parents ... are they really turning it around? And should Meatloaf stick a fork in his career?

(0:00) Nina's back hosting with Charles and Jason!
(4:45) Matt Damon goes OFF on a reporter about education -- was he out of line or making a valid point?
(6:01) Should celebs stay the hell away from politics?
(16:04) Slash fell victim to a flight from hell -- that involved a backed up toilet ... Evan has all the juicy details!
(21:50) Time to share airplane horror stories!
(29:50) Charlie and Brooke are trying to make it work -- by getting sober and being co-parents. Is this really gonna work?
(39:00) Meatloaf passed out AGAIN after a concert -- is it time for him to call it quits?
(41:00) Music ... and the generation gap at TMZ.
(44:30) Taylor Lautner buys a $200,000 car -- and for some reason, Charles didn't realized how much money is in the "Twilight" movies.
(49:00) Gary went to school with Taylor!