'Dark Knight' Stunt Fail Catwoman CRUSHES Camera

8/9/2011 5:00 AM PDT

Batman Stunt GONE WRONG -- Catwoman Crushes Camera

The budget for "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" might have just jumped up another six figures -- because last Friday, Catwoman's stunt double BARRELED through a super-expensive IMAX camera ... and TMZ has the crushing footage.

It's unclear who messed up -- the stunt-double or the cameraman -- but either way, the camera appeared to be blown to smithereens.

It was all shot outside some building at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh -- which, we're told, is supposed to be Gotham City Hall in the movie.

Thankfully, no one was hurt -- and with a budget of $250 MILLION ... a broken camera's just a drop in the bucket.

Sources close to production tell us both the camera and the cameraman were not injured during the incident -- but if you look closely, you can SEE camera shrapnel ... and fixing those things ain't cheap!

A rep for Warner Bros. had no comment.