TMZ Live Justin Bieber's No Brat Just a MEGALOMANIAC

8/10/2011 11:11 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Why Justin Bieber Isn't a Brat

Harvey and Max agree ... Justin Bieber's no brat, he's just got the kind of ego you need to be a superstar. And, Harvey and Van go at it over HGH use in the NFL -- Max sees it differently.

And Max scoffs at Anne Hathaway as the next Catwoman -- She's no Michelle Pfeiffer ... or Halle Berry.

(0:00) Now for your viewing pleasure ... Max the co-host!
(2:10) Camille Grammer deals a low blow to Kelsey -- by slamming the size of his manhood. Is she a horrible person? Max says NO!?!
(3:10) The record is set for the most times "big sloppy vagina" is said on TMZ Live.
(15:30) Justin Bieber personally calls BS on a report that he acted like a brat on a recent American Airlines flight. 
(18:30) Should we cut JB a break?
(23:45) Harvey and Max think "Bad Day" was sung by Train ... and they won't admit they're wrong.
(30:15) Van from the TMZ Bus Tour drops in to argue about the NFL's new drug testing policy. Don't expect much from Max here.
(45:00) Does Anne Hathaway have the raw sex appeal to play Catwoman? This argument is very one-sided.