TMZ Live Does Catwoman Crash Prove WOMEN CAN'T DRIVE???

8/9/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Does Catwoman Crash Prove Women Can't Drive?

Catwoman's stunt double crashes a Batpod -- further proving women can't drive? We all know Batman would never have crashed. And, does Matt Damon have the chops to be president ... or is George Clooney the way to go? Plus, Eli Roth's days as a bisexual female Internet slut!

(0:00) Harvey, Charles and Dax are ready to tackle the big issues today ... like if women are worse drivers than men.
(5:45) Michael Moore thinks Matt Damon should run for president -- ridiculous, we know ... but is it really implausible?
(15:30) Could George Clooney win the presidency?
(22:45) A study claims loving relationships HELP athletes perform better ... as poorly explained by Gary.
(25:50) FINALLY, the smartypants behind the study calls in to clear everything up.
(37:10) Catwoman's stunt double wrecks a Batpod -- so, naturally, we wanna know if women are worse drivers than men.
(39:50) Debbie makes a interesting claim that boys are raised to be better drivers.
(44:50) Harvey explains the Shaq saga in 36 seconds.
(46:50) Eli Roth admits he used to work as a sex chat operator ... and pretended like he was a woman!