TMZ Live The Bisexual Who'd You Rather KELSEY OR CAMILLE?

8/12/2011 12:15 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Bisexual Who'd You Rather -- Kelsey or Camille Grammer?

Harvey posed the ultimate question today -- if you were bisexual ... would you rather hook up with Kelsey or Camille Grammer? And, is "Dancing with the Stars" a low point in Queen Latifah's career?  

Plus, we FINALLY reveal one of TMZ-TV's loud-mouthed voice over guys! Sorta.

(2:40) 'Dancing' lands Latifah, Snooki, Thiessen and Rob Kardashian -- they living up to the show's new A-list expectations?
(3:50) Is Latifah the biggest star 'Dancing' has ever had?
(11:50) She's super hot -- but she'll bag on your penis size if you cross her -- so would you date Camille Grammer?
(13:51) A caller finally pretends to be bi-sexual in order to pick between Kelsey and Camille -- and it's hilarious.
(22:40) New phrase alert! "Does the comforter match the wallpaper?"
(24:00) A Dougherty gang member's nude pics.
(30:30) FINALLY, we show you the guy who does half the voiceovers for the TV show ... but not his face!
(43:30) Patrick Schwarzenegger is a bona fide model now -- would he be where he is without his famous parents?
(50:00) Maria goes out in Cape Cod -- and looks happy!