TMZ Live Did Bravo Cover Up Russell Armstrong's Abuse?

8/19/2011 1:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Did Bravo Cover Up Armstrong's Abuse?

Did Bravo and the production company behind "Housewives" turn a blind eye to the vicious beating Russell Armstrong gave Taylor last month?  And, why Harvey thinks Dr. Conrad Murray's jury will never be sequestered from the likes of Nancy Grace.

Plus, the West Memphis 3 ... finally released from prison under SHADY circumstances.

(3:35) Taylor Armstrong was brutally beaten by Russell in June -- Harvey has all the "chilling" details.
(6:10) In the case of domestic violence -- do reality shows have a duty to report the incidents to the police?
(15:50) Bravo says they're going to edit Russell's story line out the show.
(18:30) How Nancy Grace's poor handling on the Casey Anthony trial is now affecting the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.
(22:10) Harvey believes sequestering the jury in the manslaughter case will just make them "stir crazy."
(33:40) The West Memphis 3 were released today -- and despite the good outcome ... something STINKS.
(38:00) So here's the shady part...
(46:50) Lindsay Lohan is suing over a RAP song ... both Harvey and Jason think its such a waste of the judicial system.