Kreayshawn Nude Pics STOLEN ... and I Was Underage

8/29/2011 7:30 AM PDT

Kreayshawn -- Nude Pics Were STOLEN ... and I Was Underage

Rapper Kreayshawn -- the 21-year-old behind that "Gucci Gucci" song -- claims someone hacked her Twitter account and leaked nude pics that she posed for when she was underage.

Kreayshawn went online this morning and explained the situation -- saying, "My twitter got hacked today by some anti-hollywood extremists."

"They sent out wack ass tweets and promoted their odd message of anti-jew stuff and deleted my twitter.. Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage."

The nude photos have been posted on SEVERAL websites -- and Kreayshawn's pissed ... saying, "Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono thats cute. VMA’s was insane on top of that. Can I s**t man? I ain’t even mad."