TMZ Live Kevin Smith If I Was Kris Humphries...

9/1/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/01/11: Kevin Smith Interview

Kim Kardashian's husband Kris Humphries and sex-tape partner Ray J sat ACROSS from each other on a plane -- awkward ... so what would our kick-ass guest Kevin Smith have done if he were in Kris' giant shoes?

Also, Kevin talks shop about losing 60 pounds, the superhero so sexy he'd HAVE to do him, why he's hanging up his director's hat ... and a WHOLE LOT more.

Plus, Harvey breaks down why Oksana Grigorieva is a huge loser.

(6:15) Charles actually has something in common with Rihanna ... and it ain't a good thing.
(16:10) Earthquake!
(20:30) Kris Humphries and Ray J sit ACROSS from each other on a plane ... so what really happened?
(29:05) Harvey explains why Oksana a HUGE loser.
(35:10) Kevin Smith is in the house! And he immediately makes it standing room only.
(37:10) What would Kevin do if he was in Kris Humphries' shoes?
(40:30) Why is Kevin hanging up his director's hat?
(46:00) Kevin's got a new movie out called "Red State."
(51:30) Kevin thinks Superman looks weird without undies.
(55:00) Kevin's favorite superhero movie of the summer is...
(58:10) Kevin would totally bang "Thor."
(1:02:00) Don't try this at home, kids.