TMZ LIve: Nancy Grace Argues, Dances, Almost Laughs

9/16/2011 11:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live 9/16/11: Nancy Grace Argues, Dances, Almost Laughs

Nancy Grace was ready for bear when she appeared on TMZ live today. With jaws clinched, she went after Harvey -- who has been extremely critical over her comments about the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.

Nancy also gave an opinion or 5 about the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case. She thinks it should be the Conrad Murray murder trial.

And then it came time to Cha Cha with her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Tristan MacManus.

Can Nancy dance? You be the judge.

(2:02) Nancy vehemently defends how she criticized the jury in the Casey Anthony case.
(6:01) Nancy and Harvey DO NOT agree with each other.
(7:01) Changing gears to the MJ manslaughter case.
(8:30) Nancy doesn't believe "undeniable" is a word.
(18:01) Nancy thinks the theory that MJ injected himself is BS.
(19:05) Nancy says Dr. Murray should be tried for MURDER.
(32:10) MJ's reputation for being a drug addict should NOT play a part in the case ... so says Nancy.
(47:05) Why is Nancy AGAINST jury sequestering?
(40:05) Nancy's dance partner -- Tristan MacManus -- says he had NO CLUE who she was before he was partnered up with her.
(42:55) Who wears the pants on the dance floor?
(50:36) Nancy and Tristan bust a move!