TMZ Live Jury Specialist: 'Tough Road' Ahead for Murray

9/26/2011 1:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Sizing Up Dr. Conrad Murray's Jury

Dr. Conrad Murray should be wary of the 12 jurors for the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial -- because trial consultant Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius knows their backgrounds ... and believes the doc might have a "tough, tough road" ahead.

Plus, DEA spokesperson Dawn Dearden says there could be a "frightening" number of victims in the pharmaceutical scam that's fleecing people for up to 100K.

And ... Charles just can't hide his envy over Justin Beiber's crazy Staples Center date with Selena Gomez.

(4:30) Trial specialist Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius points out -- a lot of Murray's jurors have addiction in their family history.
(12:05) Jo-Ellan thinks Murray's defense team has a "tough, tough road" ahead of them.
(16:35) Should Murray have been prosecuted in the first place?
(24:50) Details about the "shocking" pharmaceutical scam.
(27:40) DEA spokesperson Dawn Dearden is on the phone -- and says the scam may have affected FAR MORE thank the 2,000 people who have actually complained.
(31:00) Dawn talks about a retired teacher who was bilked out of 85 grand!
(32:10) How does the scam work?
(35:00) A victim of the scam calls in.
(41:00) Worst segway ever ... "from Hitler to Paris Hilton."
(47:30) Charles is "so bitter" over the insane date Justin Bieber set up for Selena Gomez.