TMZ Live Rachel Uchtel's Husband We've NEVER Talked Tiger!

10/4/2011 11:50 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Rachel Uchitel's Husband Matt Hahn, Mark McGrath and Paul Anka Call In!

Rachel Uchitel's brand new hubby Matt Hahn joins us and reveals he's NEVER asked her about the Tiger Woods scandal, explains how he proposed to her ... and why they had a quickie Vegas wedding.

Plus, two more guests -- Mark McGrath AND Paul Anka -- tackle the most important question of the day ... which six American rock star faces belong on U.S. currency?

And, breaking wind news on the "Dancing with the Stars" farting scandal -- Nancy Grace reacts.

(2:00) Harvey has a wardrobe malfunction.
(3:15) Hank Williams Jr. compares President Obama to Adolf Hilter. Not smart.
(11:45) Hank releases a SECOND half-ass apology -- and now Harvey is SUPER riled up ... because he thinks Hank's comment was no mistake.
(21:00) Rachel Uchitel's new husband is on the phone! 
(23:02) Matt and Rachel's wedding PARTY .
(27:50) Matt says he's NEVER talked to Rachel about Tiger ... because he doesn't care about her past.
(32:00) Did Nancy Grace fart on "Dancing with the Stars"?
(41:10) Which six rock stars' faces belong on the 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills?
(42:10) Mark McGrath calls in to place his votes.
(46:00) Paul Anka's picks! 
(48:00) Turns out ... Paul made Harvey famous!