TMZ Live Casey Anthony Book No Confession, NO Deal

10/24/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Casey Anthony's (NBC) Book Deal is Risky Biz for Publishers

Famed book publisher Judith Regan calls in to say -- despite NBC's best efforts -- NO mainstream publisher will want anything to do with Casey Anthony ... unless her book includes a full confession.

And, what would it mean if Dr. Conrad Murray takes the stand in his own defense? Plus, Charles' indecent proposal to get World Series tickets ... and he promises he won't leave early!

(5:10) NBC doesn't want to pay Casey Anthony for an interview ... but found a lucrative loophole to lure her in.
(8:01) Publisher Judith Regan believes Casey needs to confess in order to get a legitimate book deal.
(10:32) Regan compares Casey's story ... to Shakespeare!?!
(20:30) The prosecution rested its case today -- Itay has the latest on Murray's defense team's first witnesses.
(24:38) Jason and Charles argue ... is it really better to acquit 10 guilty people than to convict 1 innocent?
(29:01) What does "beyond a reasonable doubt" REALLY mean?
(30:10) Jason thinks Conrad's defense team will use "throw food against the wall" strategy.
(36:37) Three men and a baby bump -- the fellas discuss Jessica Simpson's recent growth spurt.
(47:01) Zooey Deschanel bails in the middle of the Cards/Rangers game -- Evan has a genius solution to the issue.