TMZ Live Dr. Conrad Murray What Could Sink Him

11/3/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray Trial -- What Could Sink Him

Prosecutor David Walgren absolutely nailed his closing argument in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial -- highlighting one all-important word. Will it be enough? Harvey explains why Murray might be checkmated.

Plus, Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations -- are the claims legit? Sirius XM host Tim Farley joins us to weigh in on Cain's chances to survive. Also, Kim Kardashian's too down to work -- but we have a good idea about who's going to slap her out of her funk.

(3:28) Prosecutor David Walgren has been a "star" during Murray trial -- but has he done enough to convict?
(4:30) Harvey called it two months ago ... the word "abandon" was a huge part of Walgren's strategy today.
(8:35) Walgren repeatedly hammered one powerful point -- that Murray acted with "consciousness of guilt."
(12:35) Walgren destroyed one of the defense's witnesses today ... with some really clever producing.
(16:55) Harvey explains why jurors like to give verdicts on Fridays.
(19:10) So what did Murray do last night?
(31:06) Tim Farley -- a political talk show host from Sirius/XM radio -- calls in to talk about Herman Cain's sexual harassment fiasco.
(40:43) Who benefits from Cain's demise?
(44:01) Kim Kardashian says she's all broke up about her divorce ... which means Mike is sad too.