TMZ Live Francis Ford Coppola Wrong About 'Godfather II'

11/21/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Francis Ford Coppola Regrets Making the Best 'Godfather' Movie

Francis Ford Coppola has everyone baffled -- why would he say "Godfather II" was a mistake?? Even Frank Sivero, who played Genco in GF2, is challenging Coppola -- calling in to figure out ... why the bitterness over a masterpiece?

Plus, wedding stress sent Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner to splitsville -- so maybe Harvey The Wedding Grinch has a point when he says ... JUST ELOPE? 

And, did Matt Damon make a huge mistake by going to a bullfight in Mexico? We're calling for an embargo -- no foreign aid to countries hosting these barbaric events!  Agree ... or are we nuts?

(5:45) Shocking -- Francis Ford Coppola regrets making "Godfather: Part 2" ... but nobody understands why.
(9:35) Frank Sivera -- who played Genco in "Part 2" -- is on the phone to defend the movie.
(12:30) Frank says Coppola was extremely meticulous over the movie -- which may explain why he didn't want to make it.
(17:01) Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear cancel their nuptials because planning the wedding was too stressful -- so ... how stupid are weddings?
(26:00) One lady tweets that she had a $1,000 wedding!
(27:01) Evan's wedding -- the greatest ever.
(31:50) The Twitter lady has finally had enough of Harvey ... and takes a parting shot.
(36:20) The biggest problem with reopening the Natalie Wood case -- is virtually impossible to convict Robert Wagner of any crime.
(45:01) Matt Damon attends a bull fight -- should the "sport" be banned?