TMZ Live T.I. Calls In Some Gays Can't Take a Joke

11/28/2011 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: T.I. -- T.I. Calls In: Some Gays Just Can't Take a Joke

tells Harvey and Dax it's a joke that people are calling him homophobic for saying certain gays just can't take a joke.

And Harvey makes the case that Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive to his children ... which makes you wonder why the D.A. wants Conrad Murray to pay MJ's kids $100 million.

And no one is buyin' what Miley Cyrus is sellin' -- that she was just being a "smart-ass" when she said she's a pothead.

(0:45) Miley Cyrus calls herself a pothead on video -- but claims it was just a joke. Anybody buying it after her salvia fiasco?
(15:45) Seriously -- why don't people just admit they smoke pot? Harvey thinks booze is so much worse.
(12:01) Prosecutors want Murray to pay MJ's kids $100 mil -- even though MJ's estate made hundreds of millions after his death.
(12:40) One of the best criminal defense lawyers around, Richard Hirsch, says giving Murray a max sentence is "way out of line."
(21:00) Hirsch gives us the "shortest answer we've ever gotten from a lawyer in the six years of TMZ."
(30:00) T.I. calls in to defend his statements in Vibe about the gay community -- we he says were misunderstood.
(33:10) T.I. says all groups take themselves too seriously, including African American groups.
(40:00) The Playboy lawsuit -- douchey, or the douchiest?