TMZ Live Murray Documentary He Needed the Money!

11/29/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Conrad Murray Documentary -- He Needed the Money!

Conrad Murray's own attorney admits it -- doing the Michael Jackson documentary was "probably a mistake." We got Michael Flanagan talking about the 4 year sentence and the documentary ... which he says Murray only did because was broke.

Also, Flanagan explains why Murray didn't say a peep in court today -- and Harvey is baffled by one move the doctor's attorneys didn't make today.

Plus, the word no defendant wants to hear from the judge ... "Yipes!"

(0:00) Judge Pastor threw the book at Conrad Murray -- after ripping him for releasing that documentary.
(13:05) Did Pastor browbeat Murray today?
(16:50) Charles is baffled -- why did Murray's lawyer keep repeating he'd be remembered as the guy who killed MJ?
(22:30) Katherine Jackson ... not satisfied.
(26:10) How Murray's attorney screwed the pooch over restitution.
(34:05) Conrad's attorney, Mike Flanagan, admits the doc practiced "bad medicine" ... but doesn't think he was guilty.
(45:40) Flanagan admits the the documentary was "probably" a bad idea.
(48:05) Flanagan explains why Murray didn't testify.
(51:30) Why Conrad's team didn't argue the most obvious point against the massive restitution request.
(53:20) Flanagan and Murray didn't speak after the sentencing -- because they knew what was going to happen.
(54:05) Has Murray lost the will to live?
(58:05) Does Flanagan regret taking the case?