TMZ Live Amber Rose Calls In ... I Have PROOF Kim K Banged Kanye

1/10/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Amber Rose ... I Have PROOF Kim Kardashian Boned Kanye West

Kim Kardashian says she and Kanye West are just friends -- but Kanye's ex Amber Rose says that's BS ... and she called to TMZ Live to up the ante ... claiming she has proof Kim secretly banged her then-boyfriend.

Plus, wrestling legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin also joins us to lay down the ultimate 3:16 challenge for Tim Tebow -- and forces Harvey to confront one of his biggest fears ... ever!

(0:00) Floyd Mayweather takes the first swing at Manny Pacquiao -- but it still doesn't mean the fight will happen.
(6:00) Amber Rose calls in to explain her apology to Kim K. -- whom Amber claims slept with Kanye West while they were dating.
(7:01) Harvey and Mike grill Amber like a cheeseburger -- will she finally reveal how she "knows" Kim and Kanye hooked up?
(17:30) Controversy over hot MMA fighter Gina Carano's role in "Haywire" -- did they replace her entire voice in the movie?
(23:10) Ryan was "Dinocroc Vs. Supergator"?
(28:40) Snoop and Willie arrested in the same town for weed -- we ask an local officer if they're targeting celebs?
(44:03) Stone Cold Steve Austin in on the phone! He's offering to let Tim Tebow be the new 3:16 guy ... under one condition.
(46:20) SCSA makes it clear -- Tebow won't get the 3:16 if he has a "piss poor" performance .