Lorenzo Lamas' Son Accused of Terrorizing Ex-Girlfriend

1/31/2012 2:00 AM PST

Lorenzo Lamas' Son Accused of Terrorizing Ex-Girlfriend

A.J. Lamas -- a reality show staple and son of Lorenzo Lamas -- has been accused by his ex-girlfriend of breaking into her home and holding her at bay in the bathroom.

Jessie Schulman filed legal docs asking for a restraining order, claiming she broke up with A.J. and moved on to a new relationship.

Jessie says on January 11 at 2 AM, she was at home with her boyfriend when A.J. suddenly appeared outside her window.  She says she yelled at him to leave, but instead he broke through the window screen and entered the house.

According to the legal docs, A.J. started yelling at Jessie and tried to lock the two of them in the bathroom so he could have a captive audience to speak his mind.

Jessie says she talked him into leaving the house, but before he made his exit he made a pit stop at the fridge and grabbed a bottle of liquor.

A.J. may know his whiskey, but he doesn't know Jack about relationships.