Ray J My Guards Didn't Attack ANYONE

2/8/2012 9:30 AM PST

Ray J -- My Bodyguards Didn't Attack ANYONE

Ray J
's bodyguards did NOT attack two drunk guys in Hollywood last month, leaving one man knocked out cold on the sidewalk -- this according to the singer's rep.

A rep for Ray J tells TMZ, neither Ray nor any member of his team "had anything to do with the incident that is being reported" -- when two men who appeared to be intoxicated approached Ray's car on the street, and got their asses handed to them.

The rep adds, "Ray J was working on the set of his new TV show and he had off duty police officers protecting him. After filming, they escorted him to his car and he left without incident."

TMZ posted a video of the incident this weekend ... in which Ray J is quickly escorted to his Rolls Royce while a man lies unconscious on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, a guy yells, "Ray, I got this ... Ray, get in the car!"

It's unclear what connection the attackers have with the singer -- if any -- but Ray's rep insists ... they are NOT employed by the singer.