TMZ Live Nigel Lythgoe to "The Voice" Show Me a Superstar!

2/8/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: Nigel Lythgoe to "The Voice" -- Show Me a Superstar!

"American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe says he actually doesn't have any beef with "The Voice" ... after that show's huge Super Bowl ratings. But he did challenge his competition to crank out real stars, a la Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood!

Plus, Russell Brand doesn't want a penny of Katy Perry's millions -- and there's a big debate in the newsroom: Is Russell a chump for not doing what 99.99% of divorcees do?

Also, smoking hot model turned NASCAR driver Maryeve Dufault joins us to talk about going from bikinis to helmets and fire-resistant suits. And Charles hopes she can explain to non-believers why NASCAR is more than left turns.

(3:15) Is Charles hallucinating, or is a man really doing push-ups on top of a truck outside?
(4:02) Russell Brand gives up $20 mil by not taking any of Katy Perry's money -- he's either noble ... or a massive idiot.
(9:25) Nigel Lythgoe calls in -- he likes the gimmicks on "The Voice" ... but he says singing shows are nothing without talent.
(12:20) How much of Idol's success is thanks to Kelly Clarkson?
(18:30) Model turned NASCAR driver Maryeve Dufault calls in -- she explains how she made the big switch.
(28:00) Charles tries to get Dufault to explain why NASCAR is more than just left turns. Doesn't work so well.
(30:00) Going to a strip club with your wife ... awkward.
(34:20) Emmet doesn't understand why people hate Michael Vick more than athletes who've hurt human beings.
(43:00) The more you know -- Charles and Van talk about the difference between being called Black and African American.