TMZ Live Whitney's Death Premonition Did She Die Happy?

2/15/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Whitney's Premonition of Death, Did She Die Happy?

Whitney Houston foresaw her own death -- that's what several people are saying after hearing Whitney make repeated references to a Bible passage. Brace yourself ... we're reading the Bible in the TMZ newsroom ... and explaining why friends think Whitney had a premonition.

Plus, 8,000 calorie burgers?? Harvey challenges the DOCTOR behind the Heart Attack Grill ... after a customer has an actual heart attack!! You gotta see how the doc became an instant folk hero to our staff.

Also, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa's reunion -- is she stupid to give him another chance?

(4:30) Did Whitney know she was going to die? Mike reads the eerie Bible verse she quoted before her death.
(13:50) Whitney's death sparks a serious debate -- would you rather live fast and die young ... or boring and die old?
(21:04) Kobe was caught smooching Vanessa last night -- people rightly shocked she'd take him back.
(22:50) Evan says Kobe "loves" Vanessa so much ... that he constantly cheats on her (allegedly).
(26:30) The Heart Attack Grill -- which sells an 8,000 cal. burger -- had a diner literally have a heart attack there this week.
(28:45) The owner of the restaurant calls in -- defends his gut busting menu to an inch of his life.
(32:12) Our fatty good loving staffers totally have the owner's back on this one. Shocker.
(34:30) Is Kate Upton too big for Victoria's Secret?
(38:00) Another argument to wrap up the show -- is buying $100,000 handbags the biggest waste of money ever?