TMZ Live "Jersey Shore" Has Gone Soft

3/2/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live -- "Jersey Shore" Has Gone Soft

Snooki promises to become an upstanding sober mom-to-be ...  The Unit calls in and actually COMPLIMENTS her -- what happened to hot tub sex and drunken bar fights? "Jersey Shore" has gone soft and we don't like it.

And, Mexican Coke vs. American Coke -- we settle the debate once and for all ... with a blind taste test. You'll NEVER guess which prevails.

(2:01) Kim K. sued over diet pills -- Mike, Evan, Harvey and Jason go to war over whether celebs are responsible for the products they endorse.
(11:01) We have exclusive details about Snooki's new show -- Evan reveals the most shocking part of all.
(13:52) The Unit calls in to rip on Snooki ... wait a tick... he's actually saying nice things about her? What's going on?
(19:50) Insane divorce -- "CSI" creator's wife wants MORE than the $443k he's paying her ... PER MONTH.
(26:01) Rush Limbaugh calls a woman a "slut" for wanting free birth control ... no one is on his side on this one.
(30:25) Floyd Mayweather's impossibly stupid proof that he's not a racist.
(36:50) Coco calls in ... was she really molested by a ghost?
(42:00) Ultimate taste test -- Harvey, Dax, Ryan and Raquel prove once and for all whether Mexican or American coke is best.