Porn King to Hulk: There's a HUGE Appetite For Your Sex Tape

3/8/2012 6:00 AM PST

Porn King to Hulk Hogan: There's a HUGE Appetite for Your Sex Tape

The kingpin of porn has reached out to Hulk Hogan in an effort to entice him to change his mind about the sex tape that has surfaced featuring the famous wrestler.

Steven Hirsch from Vivid Entertainment has sent Hulk a letter, which touts his company's stable of stars who include Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Tommy Lee and Jimi Hendrix.

After we broke the story that Hulk is front and center in a videotaped sexual encounter with a mystery brunette, he was adamant that he had no idea he was being taped and he would go after the people behind the tape both civilly and criminally.

Hirsch tells Hulk in the letter ... he admires what Hulk has accomplished and then says he saw a "teaser" of the tape and believes there would be a "huge demand."

Huge or not ... Hulk and his lawyer could not have been clearer on TMZ Live yesterday ... they don't want that tape to see the light of day.