TMZ Live Dennis Quaid Divorce ... How to Hide a Breakup

3/9/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Dennis Quaid Divorce -- How to Hide a Breakup

Dennis Quaid's wife went all undercover when she filed for divorce in Texas -- so, how did TMZ break the story? Glad you asked ... we'll tell you about our crazy morning here in the newsroom.

Also, Jamie Foxx's banana hammock dance party -- awesome or TMI? We're rating his moves Plus, did someone take a massive cheap shot at Cee-Lo? We think so! And is 'Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver a hypocrite?

(1:05) The Quaids' divorce -- how they tried to hide it ... and how we were able to figure it out.
(6:22) Matt Lauer lands a massive contract to stay on "Today." Seacrest ... out!
(8:41) "The Lone Ranger" set ... it's own town.
(11:21) One of best videos of all-time -- Jamie Foxx dancing to MJ ... in a tiny pink bikini and tennis shoes.
(15:12) Chef Jamie Oliver ... health food hypocrite?
(18:10) Everything you need to know about Jessica Biel's massive engagement ring.
(20:31) Kris Humphries' David vs. Goliath legal battle.
(24:12) Harvey's ticked that Cee-Lo was called a sell-out for going mainstream ... but Ryan couldn't disagree more.
(33:00) Lindsay Lohan's red hair ... a sign she's getting it together? Hear us out...
(35:40) A deadbeat "Idol" dad ticks off a Top 12er ... is there a reunion in the works?