TMZ Live Clooney & Russell Celeb Activists ... BUSTED!!

3/16/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: George Clooney & Jason Russell -- Celeb Activists BUSTED

Getting arrested was the best thing George Clooney could have done with his Friday in Washington, D.C. The way we see it, George -- and millions of other people -- will reap major benefits from his time behind bars. Brilliant move, Jorge!

Plus, another big bust --- Jason Russell, the guy behind the "Kony 2012" viral video. This crazy story unfolded live here in the TMZ newsroom -- and you can see the controlled chaos ... as it happened.

(2:10) Breaking news! Jason Russell -- the director of Kony 2012 -- was detained for running around naked in San Diego. Check out our newsroom in action.
(5:02) George Clooney was arrested!
(10:25) More breaking details on Jason Russell.
(12:40) Russell Brand hit with a FELONY for the cell phone incident ... and the ironic twist provided by Steve Jobs.
(15:30) J.Lo's boy toy ... grows a pair.
(19:41) "Bachelor" loser Samantha rips Ben ... despite crying her eyes out when she got sent home on the show.
(22:25) Bobbi Kristina's "adopted" brother was asked about their relationship ... and have video of the encounter.
(25:50) Another breaking Russell update!
(28:50) Snooki's pregnant spring break trip to Cancun.
(42:00) Steven Tyler rips Aerosmith.
(42:31) "Idol" contestant's painful procedure down below.